All program documentation is provided in the current document set. These documents are HTML pages that may be loaded in a browser or directly within the program.

Common Features

Every page in the document set contains the following elements.

  • the logo at the top of the page, indicating the code name, is also a link to the front page
  • the simple search bar at top right provides logical OR searches for all words entered into it (note phrase searches with quotation marks are not available)
  • the menu button ( ) on the left margin of each page will shutter the navigation column at left
  • the navigation column will automatically shutter if the page width is sized below a minimum width
  • a “Was this helpful…” link at the bottom of each page is available to submit user feedback
  • the footer of every page contains the path of the current page in the document tree and the and links to the next and the previous topic in the set.
  • the name of the code in the footer is also a link to the code’s home page on the Itasca web site