Technical Support

Itasca provides free technical support on the use of its software. Assistance with user-defined problems — engineering support — is provided on a paid basis. Support is provided for the current released version, and for the previous version for one year from the date of release of the current version. It will be necessary to provide your license number when obtaining technical support.

The full verbiage covering Itasca’s technical support policy is contained in the End User License Agreement. The portion of the agreement covering technical support is excerpted and reproduced below.

Paths to Technical Support

Software Support

[excerpted from Itasca Software End User License Agreement]

Itasca and its offices and agents will provide telephone support, at no cost, to assist code owners with the installation of Itasca codes on their computer systems. Additionally, general assistance may be provided to help the owner understand the capabilities of the various features of the code. However, no-cost assistance is not provided for help in applying an Itasca code to specific user-defined problems. The complete terms of technical support are delineated in the “Code Support” section of the end-user license agreement that must be accepted prior to installation.

Technical support questions should, in the first instance, be directed to the office or agent where PFC was purchased. If you are uncertain whom to contact, you can email a request to When doing so, please include your contact information and license number so that the question can be forwarded to the proper location.