model clean command


model clean <keyword>

Clean the model.


FLAC3D objects (zones and structural elements) are not affected by this command. It is present in support of PFC objects (balls, walls, etc.). See ref-pfcplugin- for futher context.

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During model creation, prior to cycling, a model is not valid in the sense that there are no contacts between pieces, piece properties may not be set, and pieces may not be entered into a data structure for efficient spatial searching. The model.clean command is a global command that can be given at any point during the model creation process to create all contacts in the model, initialize all piece properties, ensure that the data structures are present for spatial searching, and update the contact activity status based on the geometry. This command is invoked when the model timestep fix and model timestep auto commands are given.


In PFC, when using DFNs to insert contacts: if the fracture model command is not given prior to a model clean command, then the newly created contacts that intersect fractures will not be assigned a fracture ID.


If this keyword is given then the PFC objects are remapped in the cellspace and cell extents are updated.