model dynamic command


model dynamic keyword

Primary keywords:

active    list    time-total    slave    substep    timestep

Set parameters for a dynamic material analysis. The command is only available if model configure dynamic has been specified, and if the Dynamic Option is present. See the topic dynamicREF [CS: need the Common solution here] for more information.

active b

The dynamic process is on, by default, when the model configure dynamic command is given. Specify active off to suppress dynamic calculations.


Display dynamic calculation-mode information.

time-total f

f is the accumulated dynamic time for the model. This can be reset to any value, and will continue to be accumulated during cycling after that.

slave b

Specify that dynamic mode is to be considered a slave, and cycled to equilibrium after each master step has been taken. This particular option is provided for completeness, but is rarely useful in dynamic calculations.

substep i

Specify the maximum number of steps the dynamic process will take when solving with slave on.


The stable timestep is calculated based on the current stiffnesses and masses of all objects in the system. This is the default setting.

fix f

Set the timestep to be the fixed value f. All timestep calculations are skipped. Setting a value greater than the calculated critical timestep will result in an error.

increment f

Set the incremental amount that the timestep is allowed to increase from one cycle to the next in auto mode. By default, f = 1.05. The timestep can decrease by any amount to ensure stability.

maximum f

Set the maximum allowed timestep. By default, there is no bound to the maximum timestep.

safety-factor f

Set the timestep safety factor, or the factor that is multiplied by the stable timestep calculated by automatic mode. By default, f = 1.0.