structure beam property command


structure beam property keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

density    youngs    poisson    plastic-moment    thermal-expansion    cross-sectional-area    moi-y    moi-z    moi-polar    direction-y

Assigns a property to elements in the range. The following properties are available.

density f

density (needed if dynamic mode or gravity are active), \(ρ\)

youngs f

Young’s modulus, \(E\)

poisson f

Poisson’s ratio, \(ν\)

plastic-moment f

plastic moment capacity, \(M^P\)

thermal-expansion f

thermal expansion coefficient, \(α_t\)

cross-sectional-area f

cross-sectional area, \(A\)

moi-y f

second moment with respect to local \(y\)-axis, \(I_y\)

moi-z f

second moment with respect to local \(z\)-axis, \(I_z\)

moi-polar f

polar moment of inertia, \(J\)

direction-y v

\(y\)-axis vector components (Yx, Yy, Yz) whose projection onto the element cross-section defines the \(y\)-axis of the element system