structure cable property


structure cable property keyword ... <range>

Assigns a property to elements in the range. The following properties are available:

density f

density (needed if dynamic mode or gravity are active), \(ρ\)

young f

Young’s modulus, \(E\)

grout-cohesion f

grout cohesive strength \(c_g\)

grout-cohesion-table s

name of the table relating group cohesion strength

grout-friction f

grout friction angle, \(φ_g\)

grout-friction-table s

name of the table relating group friction strength

grout-stiffness f

grout stiffness, \(k_g\)

grout-perimeter f

grout exposed perimeter, \(p_g\)

slide b

sliding flag

slide-tolerance f

sliding tolerance

tensile-failure-strain f

tensile failure strain (non-dimensional), active when a positive value is input.

thermal-expansion f

thermal expansion coefficient, \(α_t\)

cross-sectional-area f

cross-sectional area, \(A\)

yield-compression f

compressive yield strength, \(F_c\)

yield-tension f

tensile yield strength, \(F_t\)