Object Selection

The objects that can be selected include:
  • the Extrusion Axis control
  • the starting point (bottom-left) and all the points to the right of it
  • the edges

Click the Extrusion Axis control to select it.


Figure 1: The Extrusion Axis control, selected

The starting point can’t be selected in combination with anything else.


Figure 2: The starting point, selected

Points to the right of the starting point can be multiple-selected by Control+clicking multiple points or by dragging a selection rectangle around multiple points after a point has been selected as the seed selection.


Figure 3: Selected points are drawn in dark blue

Edges can be selected only one at a time.


Figure 4: A selected edge is drawn in dark blue

Right Mouse Button and Selection

In selection mode (selecttool), the left mouse button is used for selecting and moving objects, but when another mouse mode is active (pointedge, addcontrolpoints, blocking), then select/move functionality transfers from the left mouse button to the right mouse button. This lets you work with a tool without having to switch back to the selection tool to make position or property adjustments.