block gridpoint initialize command


block gridpoint initialize keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

displacement    displacement-x    displacement-y    displacement-z    ratio-target    pore-pressure    temperature    temperature-analytical    velocity    velocity-x    velocity-y    velocity-z    extra

Assign gridpoint variables initial values. All gridpoints are affected if no range is given.

displacement v <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint \(x\)-, \(y\)-, and \(z\)-displacements.

displacement-x f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint \(x\)-displacement.

displacement-y f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint \(y\)-displacement.

displacement-z f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint \(z\)-displacement.

ratio-target f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Specifies the target local force ratio that is considered to be converged for mechanical calculations. The default value is 1e-4. A local force ratio of this value will result in a convergence value of 1.0 for the gridpoint. See the convergence keyword in the model solve command.

pore-pressure f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint zone pressure.

temperature f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint temperatures (must be configured for thermal calculations – CONFIG thermal).

temperature-analytical f <xgrad ftx > <ygrad fty > <zgrad ftz > <gradient ftx fty ftz >

Initialize temperature for analytical thermal solution.

velocity v <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint velocity in the \(x\)-, \(y\)-, and \(z\)-directions.

velocity-x f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint velocity in the \(x\)-direction.

velocity-y f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint velocity in the \(y\)-direction.

velocity-z f <[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize gridpoint velocity in the \(z\)-direction.

extra i a<[blockgpinitializeblock]>

Initialize the value of the extra variable i.

block gridpoint initialize Keyword Block

The following keywords may be used to modify a supplied value. If the description of the modifier keyword mentions what type of value it may be applied to (e.g., scalar value, vector value, etc.), be sure there is a match between the modifier and the main keyword value.

The keywords below are applicable to each of the following keywords of the block gridpoint initialize command: displacement, displacement-x, displacement-y, displacement-z, extra, pore-pressure, ratio-target, temperature, velocity, velocity-x, velocity-y and velocity-z.


Add the specified value to the existing value.

gradient v <origin v >

Apply a gradient to the scalar-value provided.


Specify that the value supplied for the keyword is in the local coordinate system of the gridpoint (if any). By default values are initialize in the global system.

This keyword cannot be used with the following keywords of the block gridpoint initialize command: extra.


Multiply the existing value by the specified value.

vary v

Apply a linear variation to the scalar-value provided.