File Storage and the Editor Pane

When a new file is created (using either the File —> Add New Data File… menu command, the New Data File button ( newdatafile ) on the toolbar, or the keyboard command Ctrl + N), a dialog is provided to name the new file and choose the folder where it should be stored. The initial folder location provided in the dialog will be that containing the current project file. Once a data file has been created, a user may rename it using the File —> [file name] —> Rename [file name] menu command. Renaming this way also renames the file on the hard drive.

Users who are accustomed to working with data files in other text editors will want to be mindful of the project system in PFC, as described in the “Projects: Further Description” topic. The main thing to bear in mind is that while a data file is simultaneously open in PFC and in another editor, changes made on either side will not be reflected on the other. In addition, the “Save” command in PFC and that of an outside editor are independent of each other; either will overwrite the last saved version of the file regardless of which program previously saved it. This should be kept in mind when saving projects, since doing so automatically saves all open project items.