These options are available in the Model Pane page of the Options dialog under the Tools menu.

Geometric-based selection

A mouse click on the model will find an initial object and, depending on the coloring scheme chosen in the Objects control set, a range of objects to include in the selection. A command will be generated to specify the range of objects to select.

The initial object can be identified at the time of the mouse click or at the time the command is executed (as your model is running).

By default, “Geometry-based selection” is off, meaning the initial object is identified by the mouse click and the specified range for selecting objects remains fixed.

When “Geometry-based selection” is on, the coordinates of the mouse click are specified in the command and are used at the time the command is executed to find the initial object to include in the selection as well as the related range. If the model shifts its position, a different range of objects may get selected the next time the command is executed.

Modifier keys change the mouse cursor

This setting determines whether the mouse cursor will change in response to the Shift, Control, and/or Alt keys being held down.

Show tool buttons

This setting determines whether certain tool buttons appear in the tool bar.

The “Hide Faces by Planarity” setting is available only while faces are being displayed in the Model pane.