Bug Reporting

Although Itasca software has been tested extensively, it is almost impossible to test all available combinations of options in a code as complex as this one. For this reason, some errors may have escaped our notice. If you discover a genuine bug, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may correct it. Itasca is committed to correcting code errors and distributing fixes containing those corrections with the greatest possible speed.

The preferred method for supplying bug or error notifications is through the <thetechnicalsupportdialog>. When using the dialog, please be sure to check “Bug Report” in the “Help Topic” field near the bottom of the form. Response to your report may come from a different location, depending on which office or agent fulfilled your program purchase.


*The dialog is only available if a valid license is detected. In the case that it is not available, see Technical Support for other methods of communicating with Itasca to report the bug.