Program Updates

Itasca fixes bugs or other issues in the program as they are reported. Program updates are posted on the Itasca web site on completion of the fix. Commitment to turning around fixes to problems reported by our users ensures that problems are addressed and resolved in a way that minimizes interruptions or delays to users’ work. However, it also means that there are, comparable to most other software, many updates.

Program updates are provided as installation (MSI) files. The installation files will automatically detect the current local version of the program and compare it to the update version. If the update version is older, installation is terminated. It is necessary to fully, separately uninstall a newer current version before attempting to install an older version. The assumption is that this is a somewhat rare occurrence.

An update installation that is newer than the current local version of the program will fully uninstall the previous version before installing the new version. Any user data (projects, data files, etc.) created after the installation of the previous version of the program will not be affected by the uninstall.

To manage this process, it is necessary for the user to be familiar with the process of learning about program updates, and the process of obtaining an update from the Itasca web site. Both are described in the topics that follow.