Get the Program Revision History

Itasca commits to correcting any code errors or problems as its highest priority and to delivering corrections to the program on a fix-by-fix basis. That way users do not have to wait for patches or intermediate releases to obtain necessary corrections to problems they encounter. Because of this, users are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the revision history of the program. Each update to the code is assigned a subversion number, dated, and annotated on a revision history that is kept on Itasca’s website. This history is available at all times from within the program (assuming the user has a working internet connection). To access it, use the menu sequence Tools —> Check Modifications…. This will load the revision history into a new browser window.


The revision history also contains, at the top of the list, a link to the the program’s main update page on the Itasca website. Using this link will take the user to the location where program updates are available for download.