transform command


sketch point transform keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

merge-tolerance    origin    rotate    scale    translate    control-point

Transform points. The geometric transformation may be a rotation, move (translation), or scaling, or any combination of the three. If combined, the operations are performed in the order: scale rotate translate. The scale and rotate operations are always performed with respect to origin. All points are transformed if <range> is not supplied.

merge-tolerance f <range>

Set the merge tolerance. When supplied, this will be used as a tolerance for merging points.

origin v2

Set the origin (point center) of the transformation v2 (2D vector coordinates).

rotate f

Set an angle of rotation f in degrees.

scale f1 <f2 >

Scale the points; f1 = scale factor along the \(x\) coordinate, f2 = scale factor along \(y\) coordinate.

translate v2

Translate points. Points are moved by v2 (2D vector coordinates).

control-point b

Move/freeze control points. When true (the default), control points are moved when the points they are associated with are moved. Control points will be “frozen” when false.