id command


sketch segment id i <keyword ...>

Primary keywords:

control-point    group    ratio    ratio-reverse    size    type

Modify a single segment by ID.

control-point keyword
add <local> v3 <v3 ...>

Add one or more control points at locations v3, a 3D coordinate vector (\(u, v, w\)). If local is used, then the locations are in a coordinate system defined by the segment, where \(x\) goes from end 1 at 0.0 to end 2 at 1.0, and \(y\) is normal to that.


Remove all control points.

move i <local> v3

Move the control point with index i to location v3, a 3D coordinate vector (\(u, v, w\)). If local is used, then the segment local coordinate system is used (see add above).

remove i <i ...>

Remove one or more control points.

group s1 <slot s2 > <remove>

Assign the group name s1 in slot s2 (if supplied) to the segment. The segment is removed from the group/slot if remove is present. If the slot keyword is omitted, the slot is set the slot named Default.

ratio f

Set the ratio f (a number between 0.1 and 10.1), which is used to distribute zone lengths along the segment (each zone will be f of the size of the zone preceding it).


Reverse the ratio direction.

size i

Set the number of zones on the segment.

type keyword

Specify the curve type of the segment.


This is the default type (a line).

curve (represented by a B-spline)