New Features in Version 9.0

3DEC 9.0 contains many improvements; the new features are summarized in the following sections. Existing data files from Version 7 will run without modification in Version 9. Existing save files and project files from Version 7 can be opened in Version 9.

Existing data files created for Version 5.0 or 5.2 cannot be run unaltered in Version 9 and 3DEC 9.0 will not be able to restore files saved by Version 5.2 or older. For migrating from Version 5.0 or 5.2 to Version 9 see 3DEC 5.2 to 9 Command Mapping and 3DEC 5.2 to 9 FISH Mapping.

Improved Performance

  • Solving to steady state up to 10x faster, depending on the model

  • Dynamic timestep up to 3x larger

  • Save and restore up to 4x faster

  • Multithreaded plotting up to 5x faster

User Interface

The User Interface has undergone an overhaul to make it more modern, intuitive and responsive. Changes include:

  • New colors and icons

  • All plots listed in the Project Pane, rather than as tabs along the bottom

  • Splittable working area and the ability to output multiple plots into one bitmap

  • Improved inline help (CTRL-Space)

  • User-defined contour color ramp

  • Ability to specify non-scientific number format in legends, as well as the precision

  • Many others

Non-linear Structural Elements

New Constitutive Models