Optional Features

Three optional features (dynamic analysis, thermal analysis, and user-defined models (UDM)) are available as separate modules that can be included in 3DEC at an additional cost per module.

Dynamic analysis can be performed with 3DEC, using the optional dynamic calculation module. User-specified velocity or stress waves can be input directly to the model either as an exterior boundary condition or an interior excitation to the model. A library of simple dynamic wave forms is also available for input. 3DEC contains absorbing boundary conditions to simulate the effect of an infinite elastic medium surrounding the model. The dynamic analysis option is described in Dynamic Analysis.

There is a limited thermal analysis option available as a special module in 3DEC. This model simulates the transient conduction of heat in materials and the subsequent development of thermally induced stresses. Heat sources can be added and can be made to decay exponentially with time. The thermal option is described in Thermal Option.

The user-defined model (UDM) option provides the capability for the user to write their own block material models. The models are compiled as a DLL and are linked when requested by the user.