Commands that operate on structural elements. On this page:

Structural elements are explicit finite-element based objects formulated using shell and beam theory. As with zones, all element force-displacement calculations are incremental.

Each individual element is connected to others via structural nodes. Interactions with other objects (primarily zones) are handled by structural links associated with the nodes.

There are seven types of structural elements supported—each specifies both a default internal behavior and a default link formulation. There are four one-dimensional elements (cable, hybrid, beam, and pile) and three two-dimensional elements (shell, liner, and geogrid).

The structural-element logic differs from other modules in how it handles id numbers. Within this module, id numbers refer to collections of elements, identifying a given beam or cable structure that may be constructed of any number of individual elements. Each element is identified by a component-id number, which is unique to that element. Nodes and links may be selected by id number, which selects nodes that are attached to element collections with those numbers. Nodes and links also have their own individual component-id numbers.

For more detail, please see General Formulation of Structural-Element Logic.

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Structural Commands

Commands that affect the structural element logic in general.

structure dynamic-safety-factor

structure dynamic damping

structure geometry-update

structure list information

structure mechanical damping

structure ratio

structure results

structure safety-factor

structure scale-rotational-mass

cable commands

Commands that apply to cable elements.

structure cable apply

structure cable create

structure cable delete

structure cable group

structure cable hide

structure cable history

structure cable import

structure cable initialize

structure cable list

structure cable property

structure cable refine

structure cable select

structure hybrid list

hybrid-bolt commands

Commands that apply to hybrid-bolt elements.

structure hybrid apply

structure hybrid create

structure hybrid delete

structure hybrid group

structure hybrid hide

structure hybrid history

structure hybrid initialize

structure hybrid property

structure hybrid select

beam commands

Commands that apply to beam elements.

structure beam apply

structure beam cmodel

structure beam create

structure beam delete

structure beam group

structure beam hide

structure beam history

structure beam import

structure beam initialize

structure beam list

structure beam property

structure beam refine

structure beam select

geogrid commands

Commands that apply to geogrid elements.

structure geogrid apply

structure geogrid cmodel

structure geogrid create

structure geogrid delete

structure geogrid group

structure geogrid hide

structure geogrid history

structure geogrid import

structure geogrid initialize

structure geogrid list

structure geogrid property

structure geogrid recover

structure geogrid refine

structure geogrid select

liner commands

Commands that apply to liner elements.

structure liner apply

structure liner cmodel

structure liner create

structure liner delete

structure liner gap-factor

structure liner group

structure liner hide

structure liner history

structure liner import

structure liner initialize

structure liner list

structure liner property

structure liner recover

structure liner refine

structure liner select

pile commands

Commands that apply to pile elements.

structure pile apply

structure pile cmodel

structure pile create

structure pile delete

structure pile group

structure pile hide

structure pile history

structure pile import

structure pile initialize

structure pile list

structure pile property

structure pile refine

structure pile select

shell commands

Commands that apply to shell elements.

structure shell apply

structure shell cmodel

structure shell create

structure shell delete

structure shell group

structure shell hide

structure shell history

structure shell import

structure shell initialize

structure shell list

structure shell property

structure shell recover

structure shell refine

structure shell select

node commands

Commands that apply to structural nodes.

structure node apply

structure node create

structure node damping-local

structure node delete

structure node fix

structure node free

structure node group

structure node hide

structure node history

structure node initialize

structure node join

structure node list

structure node select

structure node system-local

Commands that apply to structural links.

structure link attach

structure link create

structure link delete

structure link dynamic-damping

structure link group

structure link hide

structure link history

structure link list

structure link property

structure link select

structure link slide

structure link tolerance-contact

structure link tolerance-node

structure link tolerance-slide