data tensor create command


data tensor create v <keyword ...>

Primary keywords:

extra    group    principal    value

Create a tensor data entry. Tensors are an internal list of user-defined objects that have the position v and a tensor value (assigned via the value or principal keywords) associated with them. Tensors may also have groups and extra variables assigned to them upon creation.

Tensor fields can be visualized. Tensors can be used to track events in the model, or to compare model results against external data.

extra i a

Optionally assign the extra variable a to index i.

group s <slot s2 >

Optionally assign the group name s to slot s2. By default, s2 = Default.

principal vprin vmax vint

Assign the tensor from the principal axes. Vector vprin is the principal stress magnitudes in maximum, intermediate, and minimum order. [CS: this doc needs to be added for pfc ](See ref-stresssignconventions-.) Vector vmax is the direction of the maximum principal stress, and vector vint is the direction of the intermediate principal stress.

value f11 f22 f33 f12 f13 f23

Assign the values of the tensor directly in the order s11, s22, s33, s12, s13, s23.