These commands affect the current program state. These values are settings that are not affected either by the model state or by projects — and therefore are unaffected when the model or project state changes (for instance, when a model is restored).

Some program commands, where noted, are stored in a persistent location on the current computer and remain in effect across multiple program executions. Others only affect the current instance of the program and will reset if the program is exited and restarted.

All Program commands can be issued with or without the leading command word program. So, for example, call is equivalent to program call.

Program Commands

program automatic-model-save
program call
program continue
program customer-title-1
program customer-title-2
program directory
program echo
program echo-line
program encrypt
program exit
program floating-point-check
program license
program list
program load
program log
program log-file
program mail
program notice
program pagination
program pause
program playback
program quit
program return
program stop
program system
program threads
program undo
program warning