measure modify command


measure modify keyword ...

Primary keywords:

bins    id    radius    x    y    z    tolerance    position

Modify measurement regions. The ID must be specified. An error is thrown if no measurement region exists with the specified ID. The following keywords apply. If an attribute is not specified, then the former value is kept. Please refer to the measure create command for detailed descriptions of the following modifiable attributes.

bins i fl fh

Modify the number of bins (i) and the lowest and highest (fl and fh) bin edges for the size distribution calculation. All bodies (e.g., clumps and balls) that fall within the measurement region are binned based on the volume (area) equivalent sphere (circle) diameters in 3D (2D). The cumulative volume percentage (between 0 and 1) of bodies as a function of bin size is calculated and can be exported to a table with the measure dump command. The table holds the bin boundaries, and the percentage for a bin is given with the entry holding the lower bin boundary.

id i

Specify the ID.

radius f

Radius of the measurement circle (sphere).

x f

\(x\)-coordinate of the center of the measurement circle (sphere).

y f

\(y\)-coordinate of the center of the measurement circle (sphere).

z f (3D only)

\(z\)-coordinate of the center of the measurement circle (sphere).

tolerance f

percentage (range: p ≥ 0) for accumulating the volume of bodies that intersect the measurement region in the porosity calculation.

position v

Position of the center of the measurement circle (sphere).

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how the measure modify command can be used to modify a measurement region (for example with ID = 1).

measure modify id 1 rad 4.0 x 2.0 y 2.0 z 2.0 per 0.0