rblock apply-facet-groups command


rblock apply-facet-groups <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

match    tolerance

Apply facet groups to contacts. The rigid block list is traversed in order, and contacts are inspected per rigid block in range.

A facet group is applied to a contact if the angle between the facet and the contact normal is less than the value provided by the tolerance keyword.

The facet with closest point to the contact position with normal as described above is selected. By default the tolerance is 0 degrees.

match i

Specify number of facets matching for group assignment. By default i = 1 and the group is assigned to the contact if either facet is in the group. If i = 2, both facets must be in the group for the group to be assigned to the contact.

tolerance f

Specify the tolerance for contact identification. Contacts with normal within f degrees of the facet normal are selected. By default the tolerance is 0 degrees.

Usage Examples

Apply facet groups to all contacts, using default tolerance (0 degrees).

rblock apply-facet-groups

from “contacts.dat” in Using the Rigid Body Spring Network Paradigm