rblock export command


rblock export keyword <range>

Primary keywords:


Export rigid blocks. If no range is specified, then all rigid blocks in the model are exported. It is only possible to export rigid blocks to geometry sets.

to-geometry <s > keyword ...
Export the rigid block core geometry. The geometry set base name is set to s. If the split keyword is specified, then each rigid block is exported into a dedicated geometry set with a name corresponding to the base name to which rigid block ID is appended (e.g. ‘myset1’ for a base name myset and the rigid block with ID 1). Note that in this case, existing sets with the same name are overridden. Otherwise all rigid blocks are exported into one unique geometry set with name s, and existing geometry objects in this set are not deleted. The default geometry set base name is rblocks.
slot s

If specified then the polygons of each rigid block are assigned the group name corresponding to the rigid block ID in slot s. This can be used to easily identify single rigid blocks without splitting each one into a different geometry set.


If specified, the split keyword results in each rigid block being exported into a dedicated geometry set. By default, all the rigid blocks are exported into one unique geometry set (see above).

to-3dec5 s <keyword> (3D ONLY)

Export rigid blocks to 3DEC 5.2 (or older) using the polyhedron face command.

constitutive i

Specify the constitutive model with default 1.

group s <slot i >

The exported rigid blocks are given group s (with default Default) in slot i (with default 1).

material i

Specify the material model number with default 1.

region i

Specify the region with default 1.

Usage Example

Export rigid blocks to a set named bob; assign the polygons for each exported block to a group name derived from the IDs of the rigid blocks in the slot smith.

rblock export to-geometry "bob" slot "smith"

Export each rigid block to a geometry set. The set name will be the combination of the given name (jimmy) and the ID of the block being exported.

rblock export to-geometry "jimmy" split