rblock facet group command


rblock facet group s <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

intersection    slot    tolerance

Apply groups to facets. By default all facets of rigid blocks in range are assigned group s. If the intersection keyword is given, two group range elements must be specified, along with any additional range elements to select rigid blocks. See the Range Phrase Keyword Reference in the range (keyword) section for reference information on range construction. The first two group range elements are used for intersection testing. Neighboring rigid blocks belonging to the remaining range elements are inspected for group intersection. Neighboring rigid blocks intersect if each of them belongs to one of the group range elements but not both of the group range elements. Once pairs of intersecting rigid blocks are identified, facets that are nearly coplanar and that have an intersection area (when projected onto the same plane) greater than 1 percent of the total facet area of the rigid blocks are assigned the group s.

intersection b

Specify if an intersection of group range elements is to be used. By default b is false. If set to true, two group range elements Specify number of facets matching for group assignment. By default i = 1 and the group is assigned to the contact if either facet is in the group. If i = 2, both facets must be in the group for the group to be assigned to the contact.

slot slot

Assign the group name to slot slot.

tolerance f

Specify the relative tolerance for determination of intersection and coplanarity of rigid blocks. The default value is 1e-8.