rblock import command


rblock import keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

density    from-geometry    from-grid    group    start-set    rounding

Import rigid blocks. At this point rigid blocks can be imported from geometry sets only. One can either specify a single geometry set or sets that start with a string with numbers appended such as those created by the geometry tessellate command.


  • A model domain must be specified prior to rigid block creation.
  • While cycling, rigid blocks can only be created before cycle point 0 (i.e., when the timestep is calculated).
density f

Rigid block density with default value 1.0.

from-geometry <set > keyword ...

Import a rigid block from the geometry set set. If no set is provided then the current set is used. The rigid block is created as the the convex hull of all geometry nodes within the optional range.

from-grid s

Import from the grid file s. Each individual zone in the grid file is converted to a rigid block.

group s <slot slot > ...

The group name at slot slot is set to s for the newly created rigid blocks. If slot is not specified, then the group name at slot Default is set to s.

start-set s

Import from a suite of geometry sets with names starting with s that have numbers appended to after that, such as created by the geometry tessellate command. A rigid block is created for each set as the the convex hull of all geometry nodes within the optional range.

rounding f <relative>

Introduce rigid block rounding. Rigid blocks are represented by a core shape that is composed of {linear facets in 2D; triangular facets in 3D}. The core shape is convex, closed and manifold. When rounding is nonzero, the core shape is expanded in a directions by a {circle in 2D; sphere in 3D} of a specified radius with center passing along all points on the exterior of the core shape. The value of the rounding corresponds to the radius of this expansion {circle in 2D; sphere in 3D}. If the relative keyword is given, the rounding is computed as the product of f and the radius of a {circle in 2D; sphere in 3D} with the same size as the rigid block. When the rounding is changed so are the inertial properties.