rblock rotate command


rblock rotate keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

axis    angle    point    update-orientation

Rotate rigid blocks. Application with the point keyword may also modify the center of mass location. Rotations follow the right-hand rule where the rotation axis in 2D is toward the viewer. Rotations are not allowed that rotate rigid blocks so that rigid block vertices fall outside the model domain. No rigid blocks will be rotated if any rigid blocks fail this test. Should orientation tracking be active, then the orientation is updated by default, though this can be disabled (see the update-orientation keyword).

axis vaxis

Axis of rotation.

angle fang

Angle of rotation in degrees using the right-hand-rule.

point vrot

Rotation occurs about the specified point. Should this keyword be absent, rotation occurs about the centroid of each rigid block.

update-orientation b

Explicitly set the orientation update status for this rotate command. Used if orientation tracking is enabled to update the orientation. By default, the orientation is updated.