Elastic Joint Model In 3DEC

The Elastic model provides a linear representation of joint stiffness (normal and shear). There is no yield - and elastic joint is infinitely strong.


The Elastic joint model in 3DEC calculates the incremental normal and shear stresses on a joint from normal and shear displacements multiplied by normal and shear stiffnesses as follows:

(1)\[\begin{split}\Delta \sigma_n = k_n \Delta u_n \\ \Delta \sigma_s = k_s \Delta u_s\end{split}\]
where \(\Delta \sigma_n\) and \(\Delta \sigma_s\) are the change in normal and shear stress,
\(\k_n\) and \(k_s\) are the normal and shear stiffnesses (in units of STRESS/LENGTH), and
\(\Delta u_n\) and \(\Delta u_s\) are the incremental normal and shear displacements.


stiffness-normal f

Set joint normal stiffness (stress / distance)

stiffness-shear f

Set joint shear stiffness (stress / distance)