Welcome to the 3DEC 7.0 pre-release. All new features in the future release version are available now. All have received preliminary testing, though users are warned that, as this is a pre-release, errors or unexpected results may occur. Users of the pre-release are strongly encouraged to report both problems and other experiences with the code to 3DEC technical support (either 3decsupport@itascacg.com or use the technical support dialog). Users are also cautioned that save-file compatibility between versions of the pre-release may or may not be maintained.

Documentation is in a draft state and may contain errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies. The code and this documentation are provided as-is.

Users of previous versions of 3DEC may find the page 3DEC 7 for 3DEC 5.2 Users a good place to start before delving into this version’s commands and FISH.

Base 3DEC Commands

The main commands used by 3DEC are encapsulated on the list below. Note these are a mix of 3DEC-specific commands and commands that are also commonly used by PFC and FLAC3D.

Table 1: 3DEC Commands
c block c history
c data c model
c dfn c plot
c domain c program
c fish c project
c flow c sel
c fragment c structure
c geometry c table
c group c trace

See the Range Phrase Keyword Reference in the range (keyword) section for reference information on range construction.

Command and FISH Maps

See the following to convert from Version 5.2 to Version 7.0: