block zone list command


block zone list keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

ratio    extra    fluid    group    metric    polyhedra    pore-pressure    position    property    stress-principal    state    stress

List information about zones.

ratio <i f >

List volumes, aspect ratios and stress ratios for zones in deformable blocks. Printouts can be screened by setting the optional parameters i and f:

For i = 1 Zones with ratio of zone volume versus average zone volume in the block < f are printed.
  2 Zones with ratio of maximum edge length versus the cube root of zone volume > f are printed (denoted by drat).
  3 Zones with ratio of circumscribed radius versus the cube root of zone volume > f rat are printed (denoted by sphrat).
  4 Zones with ratio of circumscribed radius versus inscribed radius > f are printed (denoted by zdp).

List zone extra variable information.


List zone fluid information if matrix flow is on.


List zone group names.


List metrics describing the zone quality.

polyhedra <filename s >

Create a file that contains a series of block create tetrahedron commands that will turn each zone into a block. The original block groups, regions, material numbers and constitutive numbers are applied to the new tetrahedral blocks. If not specified, the file is given the name “POLY.DAT”. The number of significant digits is equal to 12 or the global model precision, whichever is greater. To increase the precision above 12 digits, use the model precision command.


List zone pore pressure (average gridpoint pore-pressure).


List gridpoint addresses, centroid coordinates and volume (this is the default option).

property keyword ...

Material properties assigned to zones. Property names for each constitutive model are listed with the model definitions (see the model definitions in the Constitutive Models section).


List zone principal stresses and orientations.


List zone centroid, material number, constitutive number and plasticity state number. The plasticity state number is the sum of any state codes that may apply. The state codes for Mohr-Coulomb zones are as follows. Zones with other constitutive models may exhibit other codes. See the c block zone commands for details.

0 elastic
1 matrix shear currently at yield
2 matrix tension currently at yield
4 matrix shear yield in past
8 matrix tension yield in past

List zone stresses, tensors and plasticity state indicators.