v := feblock.gauss.pos(bfep,i)

Get the position of the the gauss point i of the finite element block, where i is the gauss point ID (between 1 and 27).

Returns:v - position vector
Arguments:bfep - feblock pointer i - gauss point ID

Component Access

f := feblock.gauss.pos (bfep)->x

f := feblock.gauss.pos.x(bfep,i)

Get the \(x\)-component of the position of the gauss point.

Returns:f - \(x\)-component of the position vector
Arguments:bfep - block pointer i - gauss point ID

Access other vector components (\(y\), \(z\)) by substituting the component name where \(x\) appears above. See Member Access Operator for information about accessing members from data types using ->.

Deprecated Component Access


This is hidden. Added to include remaining vector component access functions for inline help.

f := feblock.gauss.pos.y(bfep,i)
f := feblock.gauss.pos.z(bfep,i)