plot item command


plot <s > item keyword

Create, destroy, or modify plot items associated with the plot. If a plot name s is not specified, the current view is assumed.

The available keywords are:

create keyword ...

adds a new plot item to the list associated with the plot. An alphabetical list of keywords, matched to the items available from the Build Plot dialog, is shown below. Note that additional plot items can be added by plug-ins to the system at any time.

delete i

destroys the ith plot item in the list associated with the current plot. Note that this will renumber the plots following that in the list.

modify i keyword ...

allows modification of the existing plot item at the ith position in the list associated with the current plot.


The plot items listed below may be configured through a wide variety of keywords that control various aspects of item’s appearance. Those keywords are not documented here. Instead, the syntax is available by inspection of the results of a plot export to data file (see Command-Driven Plotting Workflow).

Table 1: Plot Items by Keyword (for use with plot item create)
Keyword Build Plot dialog Label Description
axes Axes A cartesian axes representation that helps identify view orientation and location.
chart-history History Chart A chart of the contents of history trace(s). See the History command.
chart-table Table Chart A chart of a table. See the Table command.
data-disk   Disks representing user defined data. See the data vector command. this needs help: what is the ‘data vector’ command???
data-label Labels User defined labels. See the Data commands.
data-scalar Scalars User defined scalar data. See the Data commands.
data-tensor Tensors User defined tensor data. See the Data commands.
data-vector Vectors Plots user defined vector data. See the Data commands.
fos Factor of Safety The last calculated factor of safety, displayed as an item in the legend only. See the model factor-of-safety command.
fracture Fracture Fractures created by the Discrete Fracture Network system. See DFN Commands.
geometry Geometry Geometry data created or imported via the Geometry command.
gridpoint-fix Gp Fixity Lines whose orientation and color indicate gridpoint fixity conditions and direction.
history-locations History Locations The location of history traces (where approrpriate). See History.
particle-trace Particle Trace The path taken by particle trace records. See Trace.
scalebox Scalebox A background 3D scale box for size reference.
structure-beam Beam Structural beam elements. See the beam commands.
structure-cable Cable Structural cable elements. See the cable commands.
structure-geogrid Geogrid Structural geogrid elements. See the geogrid commands.
structure-liner Liner Structural liner elements. See the liner commands.
structure-pile Pile Structural pile elements. See the pile commands.
structure-shell Shell Structural shell elements. See the shell commands.
structure-vector Vectors Vectors of values at structural nodes (like velocity, displacement, etc).
zone Zone Surfaces of zones in the range.
zone-attach Attach Conditions Attach conditions connecting gridpoints to gridpoints, edges, and faces. See the zone attach command.
zone-boundary Boundary Boundaries of surfaces of the model, rather than all zone faces.
zone-face Face Zone faces that fall within the range.
zone-group Zone Group Surfaces Zone faces along boundaries where group names change, transparently.
zone-interface Interface Zone interface elements and nodes. [CS: need to work out how to to this: See the :cmd:-zone.interface- command.]
zone-isosurface IsoSurface Isosurfaces of zone field values.
zone-profile Profile A profile of zone field values along a line in space.
zone-stereonet Stereonet A stereonet projection of oriented values associated with zones, like the minimum principal stress direction.
zone-tensor Tensors Tensor values of zones, like stress, strain-rate, etc.
zone-track Tracked Particles The paths recorded by zone fluid particle tracking. See the zone fluid track command.
zone-vector Vectors Vector-based zone values, like velocities, displacements, etc.
zone-water Water Table The last specified water table used to install pore pressures in gridpoints.