structure hybrid property


structure hybrid property keyword ... <range>

Assigns properties to hybrid bolt elements in the range. Refer to Hybrid Properties for a detailed description of the properties. The following properties are available.

cross-sectional-area f

cross-sectional area

density f

mass density

dowel-active-length f

Active length of dowel segments [L]

dowel-failure-strain f

Dowel shear strain limit [-]

dowel-stiffness f

Dowel shear stiffness [F/L]

dowel-yield f

Dowel shear yield strength [F]

grout-cohesion , f

grout cohesion (force units) per unit length

grout-friction f

grout friction angle

grout-perimeter f

grout exposed perimeter

grout-stiffness f

grout stiffness per unit length

slide b

large-strain sliding flag

slide-tolerance f

large-strain sliding tolerance

tensile-failure-strain f

tensile failure strain

thermal-expansion f

thermal expansion coefficient

yield-compression f

compressive yield strength

yield-tension f

tensile yield strength

young f

Young’s modulus