zone property command


zone property <density f > keyword ... <range>

Make a constitutive model(s) property assignment. Properties are name value pairs where the name is the keyword given in the command and the value type is specific to the property. The assignment will affect any zone whose constitutive model includes the property named (noting that some properties, such as bulk, for instance, appear in many constitutive models). Limiting a property assignment to zones that have a particular constitutive model assignment is done using the range component of the command. For instance, in the following:

zone property bulk 3000 range cmodel mohr-coulomb

the range component limits the bulk property specification to zones with a Mohr-Coulomb (mohr) constitutive model assignment.

The special density keyword can be given as well, assigning density to zones; this is not a constitutive model property but stored within the zone class.

All constitutive models have properties associated with them.

There are 19 basic mechanical constitutive models in FLAC3D (not including null, which does not appear below) and 11 option-specific mechanical models. All are classified as follows: elastic, elastic-plastic, dynamic, creep, thermal.

Elastic Mechanical Models

Elastic-Plastic Mechanical Models

Dynamic Option Model

Creep Option Models

Thermal Option Model