rblock merge command


rblock merge <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

density    group    id    keep-source    rounding

Merge rigid blocks in range. A new rigid block is created by computing the convex hull of the rigid block vertices in range. The source rigid blocks are deleted unless the keep-source keyword is specified.

density f

Rigid block density with default value 1.0.

group s <slot slot > ...

The group name at slot slot is set to s for the newly created rigid blocks. If slot is not specified, then the group name at slot Default is set to s.

id i

The ID of the newly created rigid block is set to i.


The rigid blocks used as the source of the merged rigid block are retained.

rounding f <relative>

Introduce rigid block rounding. Rigid blocks are represented by a core shape that is composed of {linear facets in 2D; triangular facets in 3D}. The core shape is convex, closed and manifold. When rounding is nonzero, the core shape is expanded in a directions by a {circle in 2D; sphere in 3D} of a specified radius with center passing along all points on the exterior of the core shape. The value of the rounding corresponds to the radius of this expansion {circle in 2D; sphere in 3D}. If the relative keyword is given, the rounding is computed as the product of f and the radius of a {circle in 2D; sphere in 3D} with the same size as the rigid block. When the rounding is changed so are the inertial properties.