Input Instructions for Creep Modeling

Creep Commands

The following commands are provided to run creep problems. The command model configure creep must be the first creep command given before any other creep commands are invoked. model configure creep can be specified at any stage of an analysis.

Table 1: Creep Commands
model configure creep
model history creep
model results interval creep
model solve creep
model creep
FLAC3D-specific Creep Commands
zone creep
zone cmodel assign
zone property
zone relax excavate table creep
zone relax modify table creep
3DEC-specific Creep Commands
block zone cmodel assign
block zone property

Creep FISH Variables

The following scalar variables are available in a FLAC3D FISH function to assist with creep analysis.

Table 2: Creep FLAC3D FISH Functions