Itasca numerical modeling codes are installed via Microsoft Software Installation (.msi) files. The installation files are available on media (USB drive, DVD) or by download from the Itasca web site.

The software is designed to run on Microsoft Windows systems. Windows 8 and 10 are currently supported. The software may be operable on earlier versions of Windows, but technical support is not available if issues arise while running Itasca software on those platforms.

A default installation will install the program, its example files, and the complete documentation (this document set). There are many access points to the documentation. The Help —> Help menu command is the canonical access point.

Run the Installation

From a fixed media (USB drive or DVD), open the “start.html” document and select the necessary software from the menu on the page. Additional instructions on the page will help set up for the desired license configuration (network license, web license, etc.).

From a download, open the MSI file downloaded to start installation. Note that the MSI only installs the software; additional steps may be needed to complete the intended license configuration.

License Configuration

Depending on the license type selected at the time of purchase, the software may be configured in three ways: as a standard license, as a network license, or as a web license. Each of these configurations has different capabilities, requirements, and restrictions. Each is described in subsequent sections.


Uninstallation is best performed using Windows’ Apps and Features app. See documentation for the version of Windows on the current computer for help accessing the app.