Web License Configuration

Web licenses are an internet-based security system that allow a user to operate Itasca software without a USB key. Like network licenses, web licenses may be configured with multiple seats. A license management web site is used to set up license management, define the pool of license users, and to establish credentials for end users.

Once a user is connected to a license and has credentials (an account) in the license management system, the web license is configured for use by that user by visiting the xxx dialog. The user supplies their credentials (user name and password) on the license management site in the xxx area.


  • The user must be associated with the license by their organization.
  • The user must have an account on the license management web site.
  • Internet connectivity is required to acquire and maintain a license seat.


  • No physical security key (USB dongle) is needed.
  • A license user may be located anywhere.
  • Organizations have complete control of the user pool for a given license — even to the extent of allowing users outside their organization access to the license.
  • The software may be operated in the cloud.


  • Each cycling instance of the software counts against the total number of seats in use, though an unlimited number of instances may be started for non-cycling (i.e., pre- and post-processing) operations.

Cloud Computing

Web licenses may be used in a cloud computing setting (where standard and network licenses cannot be used, as there is nothing to “attach” the security key to in the cloud).

Web licenses are not designed to operate in any particular environment, which means users are free to set up any cloud configuration of their choosing.

Given the relative ease with which virtual machines can be spun up in the cloud, use of web licenses with multiple seats could dramatically shorten model runs by providing an easy pathway to simultaneous processing. As this is a novel area of interest to existing users, Itasca provides here, by way of illustration, a detailed set of instructions on how to set up and configure a web license for use on Amazon Web Services (AWS).