On Windows

The programs are supported on Windows 8, 10, and 11, and are provided via a Microsoft Software Installation (msi) file.

On Linux

The programs use the current Long Term Support (LTS) version of Linux Ubuntu 20.04 and are provided via a single Debian Linux distribution (*.deb) file.

The software may be operable on earlier/other versions of these operating systems, but technical support is not available if issues arise while running Itasca software on those platforms.

The default installation will install:

  • each of 3DEC, FLAC2D, FLAC3D, PFC2D, and PFC3D (only licensed copies are fully usable; the rest will run in demonstration mode)

  • example files, and

  • the complete documentation (this document set).


Use normal procedures for installing with the .msi (Windows) or .deb (Linux) files. Similarly, uninstallation is performed using the standard techniques of these platforms. No special or additional steps are required for software management. After installation, license configuration is needed (see next).

License Configuration

Depending on the license type selected at the time of purchase, the software may be configured in three ways: as a standard license, as a network license, or as a web license. Each of these configurations has different capabilities, requirements, and restrictions. Configuration of each is supplied with the software. Additional related information about program security is provided in the topic Security.