Network License Configuration

A network license allows multiple users to access an Itasca license simultaneously. It is configured with 1 to n seats. The license is managed by installing license server software (Sentinel Protection Server) on a server computer, to which the security key (USB dongle) is attached. Note: the server software is a separate installation from the Itasca software installation. It is supplied, with instructions for use, on the media with which the Itasca software is delivered (or may be obtained via link on the Itasca web site). Once the server computer is set up, the Itasca software is installed on any client machine that will need to run it.

Once software installation is complete, to run an instance of the software from the network key …


  • The key and the software must be set up on server that is network accessible to clients.

  • The Itasca software must be set up on client computers that have network connectivity to the server computer.


  • For organizations with multiple users, it is much simpler to manage a single USB key to securely operate the software.

  • Users do not have to be physically co-located with the key.


  • Each cycling instance of the software counts against the total number of seats in use, though an unlimited number of instances may be started for non-cycling (i.e., pre- and post-processing) operations.