Standard License Configuration

A standard license allows use of Itasca software on a single computer where license access is controlled by a security key (a USB dongle) that is attached to the computer.

To configure a standard license for use, first install the software via the MSI file installation — obtained either on media supplied by Itasca or by download from the Itasca web site. Note: necessary drivers for the security key are supplied by the software installation.*

After software installation is complete, attach the security key to the computer. The key will be automatically set up for use with Itasca software, which is now ready to use.


  • The key and the software must be on the same computer.


  • Two instances of the software may be cycled at the same time.


  • The key must be present for cycling, which means sharing the license requires moving the key from computer to computer, because the license allows only one user at a time.


*If the security key is attached to the computer before the software installation is performed, the key may be assigned generic drivers by the operating system. If this occurs, it will not be operable with Itasca software, and a “Key Not Found” error will result when trying to run the software. Do not attach the security key before installing the software.