structure shell property command


structure shell property keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

density    thermal-expansion    thickness

Assigns properties to shell elements in the range. The properties consist of constitutive model properties, and additional properties of shell-type elements. The constitutive model property names are primary keywords, but are not included in the list above. The following properties are available, with the constitutive model properties listed first.

Shell Constitutive Model Properties

All shell constitutive models have properties associated with them. Properties are name value pairs, where the name is the keyword given in the command and the value type is specific to the property. The assignment will affect any shell-type element in the specified range whose constitutive model includes the property named (noting that some properties, such as young, appear in multiple shell constitutive models). There are six shell constitutive models: three elastic models, and three elastic-plastic models.

Shell Elastic Constitutive Models

Shell Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Models

Shell-Type Properties

These are the properties of the shell material (see Shell-Type Properties).

density f

mass density

thermal-expansion f

thermal-expansion coefficient

thickness f