massflow drawpoint import-drawbell command


massflow drawpoint import-drawbell s

Import a drawbell description. The description is contained in the file s.

The file s defines the types of draw bells available to the model. Draw bells must be defined here if they are to be used in massflow drawpoint import. See Draw Bells for more details.

MassFlow drawbell format specification

A MassFlow CSV comma-delimited format drawbell file is with the following specifications:

Line 1 - Header. These are the required columns: BellName, DDWidth, DDHeight, BellHeight, SideAngle, EndAngle, DFZDepth, DFZWidth, DFZHeight, SideHoleAngle, CrossCutSpacing, SublevelSpacing, Burden, and RetreatAz. Other headers may be present but will be ignored by MassFlow. If the geometry does not require a column value, fill-in with zero (0).

Line 2 onwards - Values of each column describing the geometry of the draw bell. See Draw Bells for more information.

The code block below shows a portion of a MassFlow drawbell file: