massflow drawpoint import command


massflow drawpoint import s

Import a drawpoint description. The description is contained in the tab-delimited ASCII text file s. See Draw Points for more infomation.

Draw bells types must have been defined first in massflow drawpoint import-drawbell.

MassFlow drawpoint format specification

The file s must be formatted and organized as follows:

Line 1 - These are the table headers. DPName, X, Y, Z, DBID, DBType. These correspond respectively to Draw Point Name, XYZ coordinates, Draw Bell ID and Draw Bell Type.

Line 2 onwards - Actual values for each of the columns. Each line should have a unique Draw Point Name, and XYZ coordinates. The Draw Bell ID are usually numbered starting from 1. The Draw Bell Type must be set to cone%1 or rect%1, which are the only types of draw bells currently available.

The code blocks below shows a portion of a MassFlow drawbell file.

DPName       X       Y       Z       DBID    DBType
DP1  1500.7  -1552.7 228.4   1       cone%1
DP2  1519    -1550   228.7   2       cone%1
DP3  1537    -1547.3 228.9   3       cone%1