fracture attribute command


fracture attribute keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

aperture    area    dip-direction    diameter    dip    length    position    position-x    position-y    position-z

Modify fracture attributes. This command is a synonym for the fracture initialize command.


  • Modification of the fracture geometry will fail if the resulting fracture would not fall entirely within the model domain.
  • Fracture attributes are characteristics of the fractures, such as position or size. These are distinct from fracture properties (assigned with the fracture property command), which are surface properties of the fractures that are used to fill contact model properties with the fracture contact-model command.
aperture f

Fracture aperture where f ≥ 0.

area f (3D only)

Fracture area where f > 0.

dip-direction f (3D only)

Dip direction in degrees, as measured in a clockwise fashion from the positive \(y\)-axis, where f is in the range [0,360].

diameter f (3D only)

Diameter of disk fractures where f > 0.

dip f

Dip angle in degrees, where f is in the range {[0,180] in 2D; [0,90] in 3D}. In 2D, dip is the clockwise angle measured from the positive \(x\)-axis. In 3D, dip is the angle from the dip direction projected on the \(xy\)-plane to the fracture surface measured in the negative \(z\)-direction.

length f (2D only)

Total fracture length where f > 0.

position v

Fracture position vector.

position-x f

Fracture position (\(x\)-component).

position-y f

Fracture position (\(y\)-component).

position-z f (3D only)

Fracture position (\(z\)-component).

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how the fracture attribute command can be used to rotate all fractures (3D). At the end, all fractures with center in the layer \(z\in [-2;2]\) have the same orientation.

model new
model random 10000
model domain extent -5 5 -5 5 -5 5 
;Modify the default template
fracture template modify-default size-limits 0.5 5
;Generate fractures using the default template
fracture generate tolerance-box -4 4 -4 4 -4 4 fracture-count 1000
; Change some fracture attibutes
fracture attribute aperture 1 dip 25 dip-direction 270 range position-z -2 2
program return 

See Also: fracture initialize | fracture property