fracture property command


fracture property s a<s1 a1...> <range>

Assign fracture surface properties. The value a is assigned to the surface property with name s. The properties may be used with the fracture contact-model command to set contact model properties.


Fracture properties are surface properties of the fractures that are used to fill contact model properties with the fracture contact-model command. These are distinct from fracture attributes (modified with the fracture attribute command), which are characteristics of fractures such as position or size.

The list of mechanical contact models is given in the PFC Help, in the Contact Models section. In the documentation for each contact model, a Properties table exists. These include: the linear, linear contact bond, linear parallel bond, hertz, hysteretic, smooth joint, and the flat joint property tables.

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how the fracture property command can be used to assign different properties to fractures with a dip smaller and larger than 45°. If the property names are consistent with properties of a contact model, it can be installed afterwards directly with the given properties.

model new
model random 10000
model domain extent -5 5
;Range definition
fish define angle(dummy,frac)
	if fracture.dip(frac)>45
		angle = 1
;Generate fractures using the default template
fracture generate dfn 'example' fracture-count 500
;Assign properties
fracture property 'jcohesion' 0.5 'sj_kn' 100e9 'sj_ks' 10e9 range fish angle
fracture property 'jcohesion' 0.5 'sj_kn' 10e9 'sj_ks' 1e9 range fish angle not
program return   

See Also fracture attribute | fracture contact-model