Other Inputs

Data files and FISH files are the principal inputs to the program and form the core of operations in the modeling project. However, there is a number of additional, file-described inputs that may be included in a project. These serve a range of purposes.

  • geometries
  • discrete fracture networks (DFNs)
  • user data (labels, scalars, vectors, tensors)
  • tables
  • plots
  • grids (FLAC3D only)
  • building block sets (FLAC3D only)
  • extrusion sets (FLAC3D only)
  • clump templates (PFC only)
  • brick templates (PFC only)
  • cfd meshes (PFC only)

Most of these inputs are not housed in a dedicated pane the way that data files are. In some cases the file sources are tracked by the project system; in most, however, the data simply becomes part of the model. Plotting, re-use, export, and other actions on the various inputs will vary by type. The functions they perform include: enhancing model visualization; grouping; object construction; as aids to object construction; as templates for object construction; as data to be accessed by or in conjunction with object data, and so forth.

The topics that follow introduce each type, the methods for their inclusion in a modeling project, a brief description of their potential uses, and where to find reference information on each type within the documentation.