geometry assign-groups command


geometry assign-groups keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

data    structure    zone

This command assigns group names to objects based on their relation to geometric sets. Use of the group logic is described in Groups. All polygons in all sets are assigned a surface number – polygons that are connected topologically will be assigned the same number. From the position of each object, a ray is projected in the direction specified by the projection keyword. FLAC3D will count the number of times that ray intersects each surface, and use that information to assign a group name.

For instance, if no surfaces are intersected, then the group name “No Intersections” is assigned. Each different combination of intersections is assigned a capital letter. For examples, objects that intersect the surface number 2 once and surface number 3 twice might be assigned the letter “D”. The group names are assigned to all objects in the range.

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The following keywords are available to select the type of object group names are assigned to:

data keyword

This assigns group names to the set of user-define data based on their location.

scalar [assignoptions]

Assign groups to the user-defined scalar data using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

tensor [assignoptions]

Assign groups to the user-defined tensors data using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

vector [assignoptions]

Assign groups to the user-defined vectors data using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

structure keyword

This assigns group names to structural data (elements, nodes, or links). Elements are checked at their centroids.

beam [assignoptions]

Assign groups to beams using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

cable [assignoptions]

Assign groups to cables using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

geogrid [assignoptions]

Assign groups to geogrids using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

liner [assignoptions]

Assign groups to liners using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

Assign groups to links using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

node [assignoptions]

Assign groups to nodes using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

pile [assignoptions]

Assign groups to piles using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

shell [assignoptions]

Assign groups to shells using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

zone <grid-point> [assignoptions]

Assign groups to zones (or grid points if the option grid-point keyword is given) using a \(Type Block\) keyword.

Block of Common Options for Group Assignment

The following keywords may be used to modify the commands: zone. scalar, tensor and vector. beam, cable, geogrid, liner, link, node, pile and shell.

projection v

Specifies the direction the projection is made from each location considered. By default this direction is (0,0,1).

set s

Specifies the name of the set to use. More than one set name may be specified. By default, the current geometry set is used.

slot s

Specifies the slot that the group names will be assigned in. If not specified the slot name is ‘Default’.