geometry copy command


geometry copy <source s1 > <target s2 > keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

edges    group    nodes    polygons

Copy geometric data. All geometric data from the source set s1 (or the current default, if not specified) are copied to the target geometric set s2. The target set is created if it does not exist. The optional range can be used to filter which geometric objects are included in the copy. By default, all nodes, edges and polygons in the range are copied unless the type to be copied is restricted with a keyword.


If specified, only edges and dependent nodes will be copied.

group s <keyword>

All copied objects will be assigned group name s. Use of the group logic is described in Groups. By default, the group name is added to slot Default.


Assign s to the next available slot. In this case, slot Default is used.

slot slot

Set group slot slot to s. By default, slot Default is used.


If specified, only nodes will be copied.


If specified, only polygons and dependent edges and nodes will be copied.