model range command


model range keyword

Primary keywords:

create    delete

Create/delete a named range. Creating a named range “pre-defines” a range that, subsequently, can be applied efficiently using the named-range keyword in a command’s range phrase (e.g., [command] range named-range s). This can be particularly helpful if the underlying range definition is verbose.

create s [range element ...]

A named range with the name s is created if one does not exist. This must be followed by one or more range elements, indicated above as [range element] ... (this is, effectively, a range phrase without the word range at the start).

delete s

Delete the range with name s.

See also the discussion of Named Ranges, which compares and contrasts named ranges and groups.

Usage Example

The following example illustrates how model range can be used. The example also makes use of logical operations — see the topic Logical Operations in a Range Phrase.

;create named range 1
model range create 'walls' group 'West' or 'East' or 'North' or 'South'
;use    named range 1
zone face apply velocity-normal 0 range named-range 'walls'

;create named ranges 2 & 3
model range create 'sw corner' position-x 0 1 ...
                               position-y 0 1 ...
                               position-z 0 10
model range create 'nw corner' position (9,0,0)(10,1,10)
;use    named ranges 2 & 3
zone cmodel assign mohr-coulomb range union named-range 'sw corner' ...
                                            named-range 'nw corner'
zone cmodel assign elastic range named-range 'sw corner' not ...
                                 named-range 'nw corner' not