rblock group command


rblock group s keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

add    remove    slot

Specify rigid block group names. By default, s is assigned to the group Default. Use the any keyword to assign the group name to the next available slot and the remove keyword to remove s from all slots.


Assign s to the next available slot.


Remove s from all slots.

slot slot

Set group slot slot to s. By default, slot Default is used.

Usage Example

Assign rigid blocks whose centroids lie within between the z values determined by an inline FISH calculation to the group named bottom platen.

rblock group 'bottom-platen' range position-z [0.3 - specHeight/2.0] -10

from “specimen.dat” in Simple Rigid Block Bonded-Block Modeling (BBM)

Assign rigid blocks to the group named tunnel. Include, using the range, rigid blocks inside the geometry set tunnel-arc (cf. range geometry-space count).

rblock group 'tunnel' range geometry-space 'tunnel-arc' ...
                            count odd

from “geometry.dat” in Rigid Block Model of Tunnel Excavation